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Some things I've done related to Albert Einstein:

I have worked in entertainment in Los Angeles, California as a professional violinist and have also done a bit of work in publicity and promotions, due to my unusual background. Here are photos from an advertisement I participated in for Coach Luggage. The advertisement featured two full-pages in Vanity Fair Magazine. The advertisement is in color. The magazine has a large format. Advertising people call this is a big budget, high impact, two-page advertisement. It took two days of work on location with a photographer, a crew of technicians and the advertising staff of Coach to do it. The layout shows off Coach clothing accessories, such as a watch, shoes, men's suit and also their luggage line. This advertisement was part of a series done, using the descendents of various celebrated people:

Here is a photo of the second full page. It shows the leather briefcase, and has a caption, mentioning some things about me, and giving more details about the luggage:
This is the cover of the issue of Vanity Fair Magazine in which the Coach Luggage advertisement shown above appeared:
Here are some photos from a feature article done about me in a major, large-format, Japanese news magazine, back in the 1990s. It is in Japanese, is several pages long, and includes a number of photographs of myself, one of my wife, Cassandra, and the house we lived in at the time in Pasadena, California. Pasadena is part of the greater Los Angeles area. The house, coincidentally was only a few blocks away from the one where Albert Einstein stayed in 1931 or 1932; and I heard from residents that he had been seen back in the early thirties in this same area, riding a bicycle or walking. Here I am in the living room of our little garden bungalow. That was our dog Max. Cassandra is at the table, and that's her artwork all around. She is a painter and a filmmaker, and has won a number of awards for her animated films. I am of course a big fan of hers, but I won't go on and on... ( See her website at: ) Now, here's the photo of us at our house at the time:
Here's a page explaining my relation to Albert Einstein. There are columns in Japanese, and then there is a family tree with our photos on it. There are five great-grandchildren who also have children:
This is another photo in the article. It shows me standing in front of a lovely Craftsman style house built by the Pasadena Artist Jean Mannheim. He was from Germany, and his work is highly collectible in California now. He was also a cellist. Apparently, he had a friendship with Albert Einstein, during the time he visited Cal Tech in Pasadena. This house was not far from the one Albert lived in, and he could've walked there on foot. Manheim was a 19th century sort of person, a bohemian, and spoke German. And so, the two would have enjoyed each other's company. Mannheim, in fact, painted a large oil portrait of Albert about this time. I don't know to whom it belongs now. Anyway, here I am in front of one of the two houses Mannheim built on this double lot in the Arroyo Seco neighborhood of Pasadena:

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