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Concerts with Orchestra in Taipei

"To everything there is a season, and a time appointed..." and now we have some photos from two concerts with orchestra, quite serious and beautiful events dedicated to music alone. These two concerts took place on March 14 and 15th, in Taipei and neighboring Taoyuan. The program featured works by Handel, Bach, Beethoven and others. You will find the program below. The Orchestra is the Academy of Taiwan Strings, an outstanding Taipei based string orchestra. Here now are the photos:

Here are some close-up photos of me playing during the concerts. Click on any of them for larger views:

After the concert, I was surprised by quite a lot of people who wanted autographs for their programs. Among them were many mothers and fathers and their children. The violin and classical music are very popular in China, and education is extremely important to parents:

It turned out to be a long evening, since all of the people who asked for signed programs also wanted photographs, which is so easy to do today with digital cameras. But, it was fun since it made the children and their parents happy. Click on the photos for a closer look:
The organizers of the concert produced attractive invitations and programs for the special guests:
Epilogos: EPILOGUE
Well, our odyssey winds down. A few days left in Tapei, that name already has a musical ring to it, we relaxed. Our friends took us on a short tour to the coast, where we visited a beautiful museum created by the great Taiwanese sculptor, Ju Ming. The museum is nestled on a terraced green hillside, overlooking the sea, which has a color between dark green turquoise and dull jade, lapping against the irregularly jagged shoreline. The sea air there is fresh and invigorating in March. The museum has a restaurant, a bookstore, a collection of European art and also a large open air sculpture park, where Ju Ming's monumental bronzes are on display in all weather, heroic. There are also works in stone, and other media. We ate in the museum restaurant. A family with children, who had seen us on Taiwanese television, spotted us. They came over and asked to take photographs together, which we did, more amazed I think than they had been. An erudite representative of the museum gave us a personal tour, which we greatly enjoyed. Later that evening, back in Tapei, we were taken out to the famous dim sum restaurant Din Tai Fung, and had a Din Din that was Fung, Fung, Fung....Just checking to see if you are awake and actually reading this. And so, here are some extra photos I've got from the trip:
Here is a nice photo at the Ju Ming Museum in the sculpture garden. Behind Charles Kao and me there are several heroic bronzes. At first they appear totally abstract, but are inspired by tai chi poses. Of course, all movement originates in the heart:
Apparently, it's customary for visitors to the sculpture garden to take photos such as this one, assuming the tai chi poses indicated by the sculptures:
Ah, here we are at Din Tai Fung, the dim sum mecca (how's that for polyglot worldspeak?...towering babel?...). Obviously, we are having fun and enjoying the restaurant. There again, a mother and daughter came over to our table and asked to take a photo. The mother said, "We saw you on television," illustrating her enthusiasm by expertly playing an imaginary violin with her hands. Her daughter was a violin student. Touchingly, they gave me a bag of donuts they had with them as a gift. We couldn't say no to the donuts, and besides, I happen to love glazed donuts which do not exist where I live in France. But, in this photo you see Cassandra and our friend, the elegant Cora. In the next, We are with Charles and Cora at their beautifully architected bookstore in Taipei, later that evening:
And so, once again, thanks to EVA Air, Marc Huang, Roger, John, Jessica, Sidnye and the entire staff of the Evergreen Laurel Hotel in Taipei for a delightful and luxurious journey and stay. Never before have I experienced such splendid service and superb chinese cuisine! Hope to see you again some day soon!
Now, it is time for me and for Cassandra to take leave and continue on our creative journey aboard our vessel:
We shall continue travelling along the Danube:
Your next stop is Limoux in southern France. You'll visit a sparkling, wine producing town on the Aude river in the Languedoc region. Tap Herr Mozart on the shoulder and he will take you there.
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